A platform of tools for monitoring, testing, simulating and running WebRTC applications.


Our impact

Arcas grew out of our passion for pushing the envelope in the open source WebRTC space.

Our contributions

  • ArcasServer The next generation, low-latency SFU for the HTTP3 market.
  • ArcasMeter A small-footprint, large-throughput WebRTC load testing platform that scales.
  • ArcasProxy Simulating and replaying diverse networking conditions between peer connections.
  • ArcasInsights A browser-based module and extension for capturing analytics and alerting conditions for everyone on the call.
  • ArcasPortal Customer-facing portal for interaction and insights within the platform.
  • ArcasStreamer A pluggable media streamer that powers many services of the platform.
  • ArcasScheduler Service scheduler for automated multi-cloud deployments.

Tech stack

  • Rust
  • C++
  • LibWebRTC
  • Chromium
  • TimescaleDB
  • GraphQL
  • Node
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Browser Extension
  • GStreamer

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