A live streaming platform for entertainers, gamers and athletes.


Our impact

Little Bear Labs worked with Caffeine for 2 years, helping them build their powerful live streaming platform.

Our contributions

  • Led the development of all frontend code.
  • Optimized their AWS infrastructure and integrated Datadog.
  • Orchestrated the Rails version upgrade and optimized Rails queues.
  • Ported ECS containers to Kubernetes/EKS.
  • Extended and refined internal tools.
  • Initiated load testing with BlazeMeter.
  • Monitored WebRTC Peer Connections and developed debug/analysis tools.

Tech stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Node
  • TypeScript
  • AWS/GCP/Fastly
  • Kubernetes
  • Traefik
  • Go
  • WebRTC
  • BlazeMeter
  • Serveless
  • Step Functions
  • Firebase
  • Pulumi
  • Redis
  • DynamoDB

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