A constellation of experts

At Little Bear Labs, we channel your big ideas into real-world software products

What we do for clients

  • Grow dev team capacity
  • Help startups evolve
  • Support open source projects
  • Ship, ship, ship — at velocity
  • Write stellar code (of course!)

How we work together

  • Collaborate without egos
  • Tap into our collective community
  • Trust each other’s expertise
  • Forge a critical path to objectives
  • Solve challenging problems

Puzzle-solvers and tomorrow-seekers

When a crew of experienced, curious, collaborative adventurers come together, the galaxy’s the limit! Collectively and as individuals, we’ve combined our deep engineering expertise with strategic vision to do some pretty awesome things. Our team members have helped...

  • Secure funding rounds for start-ups
  • Advance open source languages
  • Fight forced labor around the globe
  • Launch satellites into space

James Lal, founder

James cut his teeth on boot-strap startups — literally, he grew up with one in his basement. The driving force throughout his career as an engineer and leader: envisioning what seems impossible and making it reality. That spark is what inspired him to create Little Bear Labs, where expert engineers at the top of their game build the future of real-time applications and beyond.

I’m proud to lead a team that thrives in discovering answers to the unknown — because how else are you going to build the next big thing?

James Lal
James LalCEO & Founder, Little Bear Labs

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