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Real-time applications

Seamless, human-to-human connections for an interconnected planet. Tap into the expertise you need to build bleeding-edge RTAs

Real-time technology evolves at the speed of light. No matter where you are in your product roadmap, our aces will keep you at maximum velocity.


Hit the ignition switch. From planning to architecture to flawless coding, we’ll help your team make real-time a reality.

  • Business strategy and roadmapping
  • Architecture aligned with real-time needs
  • Cutting-edge coding + WebRTC expertise

Open source orchestration

Make open source your own. Our engineers are open-source specialists and strategic superstars, giving you the inside track.

  • Tool evaluation and selection
  • Tech stack implementation
  • Open source tool customization


Boost your brain-trust. Your team is ready to go beyond; our crew is your mission control, making sure everything is just right.

  • Team and process design
  • Internal dev team collaboration
  • Beta-to-launch planning


Focus on the future. Today’s horizon is tomorrow’s rearview; our real-time aces keep your apps iterating and evolving.

  • Uptime and performance optimization
  • Post-release product updates
  • New feature development

Core technologies

WebRTCio_uringeBPFExpress data path (XDP)
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  • Little Bear Labs came in at a vital juncture: we were scaling our team, adding staff, and managing an evolving culture while growing our product. Little Bear Labs was a true collaborator, making sure we could ship and deliver without losing velocity — our product and our team is stronger thanks to their support.

    Mailan ReiserHead of Fullstack Engineering, CaffeineTV
  • You need more than just great code to build a product. One of those things is a seasoned team to help chart a technical path toward launching that product. Little Bear Labs helped us make the right engineering decisions at the right time (and, of course, delivered great code).

    Marco IaconoVP of Product, Switchboard
  • It looks like Little Bear Labs will be a huge pressure relief valve for our team. They can just drop into the mix, figure out what needs to be done, and make it happen.

    Dietrich AyalaEcosystem Lead, Browsers & Platforms, Protocol Labs

Impossible, meet programmable


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The future is calling

Find out how we can help you leap past the technical and business challenges and harness the power of real-time applications.