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Open source developer tools

Expert tech that powers real-time applications. Discover tools that instantly scale your team's capabilities at velocity.

A mission to the future

Real-time applications are at the core of modern experience — and the future of human connection.

But today’s solutions are often stuck in the past: built on outdated and underperforming software that doesn’t meet modern needs. Developers don’t have the tools they require, and users don’t get the experiences they deserve. That’s why we’re building a suite of open source tools to help developers stretch into the future of real-time applications.

Join the expedition

Building our open source developer tools (mission codename: Arcas) is an ongoing project, and you’re invited to join us on the adventure. We’ll be releasing tools and sharing code developments on a rolling basis — try them out and let us know how you put them to use.


A powerful foundation to support optimal performance and actionable insights for real time applications.

In development

Load testing

The first release is ready for action: load testing for up to 100,000 concurrent users. Try it out and let us know what you think.

User analytics

Unmatched observability with advanced insights into your users’ experiences and detailed metrics.

In development

Monitoring and configuration

Always-on monitoring ensures you're up and running from all locations and alerts you to issues in real time.

In development


Avoid getting locked in! SDKs allow you to switch your WebRTC provider easily — no code changes required.

In development

Explore with us!

Put the code to work in your projects and try out new things as we post them.

Solving the thorny issues of real time application development


Break open the black box of application performance


    Simulate exactly how your product will perform in the real world


      Recreate what happened in the past (so you can optimize it for the future)

        Core technologies


        Get involved

        Find out how we can leverage our open source tools to bring your real-time application to life. And if you’re curious about investment opportunities as the project develops, let us know!