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Moving from prototype to MVP in just 45 days to help secure $6.6M in seed funding


The opportunity

Founder and engineer Alex Kern envisioned a low-code, full-stack web app creation engine, enabling developers to build and ship in minutes. But to succeed, he needed to rapidly secure funding while simultaneously evolving his prototype into an MVP poised to scale.

The impact

  • Launched ready-to-scale MVP in only 45 days
  • Made massive breakthroughs in RTA scalability
  • Successfully raised $6.6 million in funding
  • Hired and onboarded first in-house engineers
  • Scaled from MVP to beta in mere months

The process

Dynaboard was poised to create a first-of-its-kind engine: a creative tool enabling teams to build powerful web apps in a single sitting. With a prototype in hand, the founder needed to build an MVP quickly to secure funding — but he also needed to personally manage fundraising efforts.

The MVP had to be ready fast, but also just right, meeting current needs while teeing up future engineers to easily scale to a beta release. We were entwined in every aspect of the effort, working from a blueprint that defined goals but called on us to decide how to achieve them. Our team had the chops to turn the vision into reality, solving tough problems like managing errors more effectively and scaling from 10K to 100K users in the cloud. We also helped Dynaboard hire and onboard their first in-house engineer.

In just a month and a half, the MVP was off the ground, and Dynaboard landed seed funding shortly after: $6.6 million.


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