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Protocol Labs

Expanding velocity for libp2p development with WebRTC expertise


The opportunity

Protocol Labs is building the next generation of the internet, and their roadmap is as ambitious as their vision. They needed seasoned WebRTC pros to build out their open source modular networking stack, libp2p, while simultaneously creating detailed specifications.

The impact

  • Validating viability of a pioneering idea
  • Increasing velocity for libp2p development
  • Evolving options for libp2p’s transport layer
  • Developing highly competent specifications
  • Ongoing shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration

The process

The libp2p project has become a hot topic in the open source and blockchain worlds, and for good reason: engineers are using it to create some of the most exciting new applications. But there’s still lots of work to be done. A crucial piece of moving the project forward was adding a WebRTC transport layer. But Protocol Labs didn’t have deep WebRTC experience internally — they needed experts with a stellar track record.

There aren’t many WebRTC specialists out there, and we’re proud to count ourselves among them. We came into the project with the background needed to dive in fast and deliver — validating that Protocol’s plan was possible, determining and prioritizing what needed to be done, and making it happen. In addition to writing gold-plated code, we’re crafting a detailed specification manual to bring clarity to a complex tech landscape.

This ongoing work calls for intimate collaboration, transparent communication, and a commitment to contributing to open source development at the highest level — and that’s exactly what we’re all about at Little Bear Labs.

It looks like Little Bear Labs will be a huge pressure relief valve for our team. They can just drop into the mix, figure out what needs to be done, and make it happen.

Dietrich AyalaEcosystem Lead, Browsers & Platforms, Protocol Labs

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