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Evolving a fresh co-working concept to a scalable MVP and Series A funding

The opportunity

Switchboard’s founder had a groundbreaking idea for a virtual coworking space, but needed world-class engineers with real time application expertise to make it a reality. The challenge was building an MVP fast to secure funding — while staffing up for beta development.

The impact

  • Translated founder’s vision into a scalable MVP
  • Made mission-critical product and engineering decisions
  • Produced MVP invaluable in securing Series A funding
  • Recruited and trained in-house developers to develop beta
  • Set strong cultural baseline for engineering team

The process

Switchboard’s idea was next-level, but to turn that vision into a product, they needed a strategic partner to code and iterate quickly — with impeccable quality.

As the founding engineering team and a core part of Switchboard’s creation right from the start, we led the architecture, design, and implementation of their MVP while the company staffed up internally; we also helped onboard key positions.

For almost two years, we contributed to all areas of the stack, guiding them through crucial decision points and rapidly iterating on their ideas as the startup’s vision evolved. We didn’t just bring our expertise on how to build the product; we leveraged our experience to identify precisely what to build and when based on the company’s stage of development.

As a result, Switchboard was able to secure funding quickly, rocketing them to the next phase.

You need more than just great code to build a product. One of those things is a seasoned team to help chart a technical path toward launching that product. Little Bear Labs helped us make the right engineering decisions at the right time (and, of course, delivered great code).

Marco IaconoVP of Product, Switchboard

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